Welding services

Welding Services

Tower Internal Services provides

  • Welding new or repairs on tower attachments (Bolting bars and support rings)
  • Weld overlay by machine and by hand
  • Welding new or repairs of Nozzles
  • Welding Chimney trays
  • Repairs of excisting trays

Tower Internal Services has got his own welding procedures.

Installation Services

     Installation Services

  • Tower Internal Services are a specialist tower maintenance company we provide a comprehensive service to manage your complex and time-sensitive turnarounds.
  • In the safest, most and cost-effective manner possible.
  • Our commitment to furnishing a strong and experienced team and equipped with all tools and processes needed to perform top-quality work, delivers greater efficiency, increased productivity, and lower costs for your clients.
  • Our turnaround services team is led by a renowned management team experienced in leading some of the largest and most complexcolumn turnaround projects in the history of the industry.
  • You can count on our local team’s quick response and expert product knowledge to get your equipment up and running.
  • We are contactable 24/7 for customer support including after hours, weekends, and holidays for any emergency shutdown
  • Opening & Closing of tray manways for Inspection & Repairs
  • Tray removal & Installation on ALL types of trays, structured packing and random packing and of all suppliers.
  • Revamp or Modification to all Towers & Attachments welding of chimney trays.
  • Ø Welding Repairs and Nozzle Installation (Repairs or Replacement)
  • Turnkey Tower Optimization Projects by Coordinating Proposals for trays, Packing, Distributors & Reactor Internals through our alliance partners.
  • Emergency Provision of Tower Internals when unplanned scope or repairs are identified.
  • Tower Revamp Field Constructability Study’s & Planning to ensure schedules are optimized.
  • Tower and Vessel Inspection Services with detailed inspection reports.
  • Management team provision to work with local mechanical contractors.
  • Complete Mechanical Warranty on all above listed field service

Services Provided

Blinding De-Blinding (Spade to Spade)